Vendor Management

At Avenue9 we have exhaustive experience of managing key supply chains and vendors. Part of our value is leveraging this experience to ultimately benefit our clients, whether that’s commercial, technically or operationally. Our unparalleled vendor experience in the hospitality sector is what sets us apart. We have cultivated a number of services to assist with the management of vendors, within the supply chain. Our team of experienced consultants have worked with over 200 vendors, from running RFI/RFP and tenders to driving strategic partnerships. This experience enables us to assist our clients to overcome the following challenges;

Management costs

With technology continuing to drive further into the consumer and business traveller, the necessity for hotels to provide facilities to enable this technology adoption is growing. In parallel, the number of new niche suppliers is growing, presenting a challenge in terms of time and knowledge required to maintain these relationships.


In the current world, the need to be connected 24x7 to the virtual world is becoming expected as the norm. There is an idyllic vision that IT systems are always available and should never provide an inconvenience to anyone wanting to utilise them. From guest wireless to making a reservation in the restaurant, there is an expectation that things should just work, and failure to do so can have an impact on guest satisfaction and retention. Having spent many years successfully delivering projects and maintaining them thereafter, we recognise that upgrading or implementing new systems needs meticulous project management - it is all too easy for one party to blame another for things not going to plan. We exist to mitigate this issue by being the conduit between the myriad of vendors, ensuring that you have a single autonomous point of contact.


Technology is constantly evolving: businesses in all sectors are looking at ways to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and drive revenue. These objectives can be dealt with in a myriad of ways - constantly improving and developing technologies are demonstrating ways to gain in all of those areas. Solutions include people scheduling, table management, thin clients and more. Evaluating all of these technolgies is increasing in both strategic importance and time consuption. Understanding what is coming next, and which vendors to be actively in partnership with, can be a minefield. All vendors are foremost about maximising their footprint within your business. At Avenue9, we are vehement in standing by our principles of independence to ensure that we work with you to select the correct vendors for your business.

Economies of Scale

At Avenue9, we have a wealth of experience and proven track record in managing and negotiating with all the key vendors - utilising our experience will always assist in maximising your budget. In an industry where every spare penny of capital expenditure is a highly valuable asset (often used to improve guest facing features such as bedrooms, bathrooms and restaurants), it can be very difficult for technology projects to get funded or approved. With multiple options for funding, Avenue9 can help ease this burden and ensure essential technology projects get the support necessary.

Our objective at Avenue9 is to remove the above obstacles.We are here to provide you with a simple single point of management of your entire IT supply chain, and we can work at multiple levels to do this. In some scenarios, you may want to maintain certain relationships in conjunction with us and some you may just want us to take care of. Our clients can be assured that when it comes to support, we are there as a single point of contact to resolve any issue you may have.


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